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Cookery Cabin

Our vision for a full and enjoyable curriculum resulted in the major refurbishment of one of our outdated, outside classrooms in 2016 which became the Cookery Cabin.


The 'Cookery Cabin' is a wonderful space for children to learn all about healthy lifestyles, hygiene and develop their baking skills. We have all the utensils we could ever need, 4 ovens with built in hob, fridge freezers, a dishwasher and washing machine.


Children access this space under the watchful eye of our cookery specialist (Mrs Barr) and a wealth of very kind volunteers who give up their afternoons to support us. Mrs Barr leads cookery across the school with all children accessing this space in a 10 week rolling cycle.


Full details of the recipes and projects to follow soon. In the meantime look at the amazing Pizzas our Year 5 children were making in November!



Pizza Perfection!

Pizza Perfection! 1 Sprinkle the topping carefully!
Pizza Perfection! 2 A meat feast!
Pizza Perfection! 3 Concentrating on instructions
Pizza Perfection! 4 Standing back to admire their work!
Pizza Perfection! 5 Perfect pizza!
Pizza Perfection! 6 Just a bit more basil.
Pizza Perfection! 7 Faces in the food!
Pizza Perfection! 8 Just a little more seasoning...
Pizza Perfection! 9 A happy pizza!
Pizza Perfection! 10 More cheese, please!