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Wishing all our children, parents, carers, staff and governors a very happy and healthy 2020!
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Art competition winners



After much deep thought and consideration, Karl Barker of Yorkshire carving decided that the top three pictures that would be turned into wooden sculptures are:


Nathan Brown - Owl


Jayden Agar - Squirrel


Melodie Wood - Fox


Well done, your sculptures will be here for many years after you've left.

Finished sculptures

Finished sculptures 1
Finished sculptures 2
Finished sculptures 3

Final thirty children.

Final thirty children. 1

As you are aware the school sadly had to have three large willow trees felled after a falling limb destroyed our A Frame. Once the trees were felled three stumps remain which we plan to turn into woodland sculptures. Children at the school spent some time this week completing some woodland art work which has been judged in school. Karl Barker from Yorkshire Carving will be completing the finished sculptures and judging which 3 of the 30 finalists pictures will be turned into a sculpture.


Each child will receive a certificate to celebrate their achievements and receive a 50 house point star to add to their house team total. Well done to all of our winning children. The finished pictures will also be on display in the hall if you wish to pop into school and have a look.


Well done to all of our budding David Hockney's or Jordan Casteel's your artwork was very impressive.

Winning Owl Pictures

Winning Owl Pictures 1 Jane Felgate
Winning Owl Pictures 2 Sarah Frank
Winning Owl Pictures 3 Nathan Brown (Winner)
Winning Owl Pictures 4 Isabella Jones
Winning Owl Pictures 5 Cherry Askoolum Wroe
Winning Owl Pictures 6 Connor Wright
Winning Owl Pictures 7 Nell Gough
Winning Owl Pictures 8 Aaron Thorsby
Winning Owl Pictures 9 Ruby Harland
Winning Owl Pictures 10 Lily Hepworth

Winning Squirrel Pictures

Winning Squirrel Pictures 1 Alex Dobson
Winning Squirrel Pictures 2 Verity Roffe
Winning Squirrel Pictures 3 Amy Hall
Winning Squirrel Pictures 4 Bertie McAnulty -Rickard
Winning Squirrel Pictures 5 Sophie Warren
Winning Squirrel Pictures 6 Jayden Agar (winner)
Winning Squirrel Pictures 7 Keira Pepper
Winning Squirrel Pictures 8 Eleanor Tinkler
Winning Squirrel Pictures 9 Jack Foots
Winning Squirrel Pictures 10 Connie Allanson

Winning Fox Pictures

Winning Fox Pictures 1 George Dunce
Winning Fox Pictures 2 Kaia Hayes
Winning Fox Pictures 3 Kai Smith
Winning Fox Pictures 4 Bobbie - Joyce Dixon
Winning Fox Pictures 5 Lucy Aconley
Winning Fox Pictures 6 Joshua Warriner
Winning Fox Pictures 7 Imogen Northcote
Winning Fox Pictures 8 Darcy Muscroft
Winning Fox Pictures 9 Jasmine Steele
Winning Fox Pictures 10 Melodie Wood (Winner)