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Welcome to the autumn term at Pickering Community Junior School.
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Achievement Awards

Achievement Awards 15.9.2017

Achievement Awards 15.9.2017  1 Twice in a row - brilliant tectonics work
Achievement Awards 15.9.2017  2 Excellent attitude and independent learning
Achievement Awards 15.9.2017  3 Amazing writing and always working hard.
Achievement Awards 15.9.2017  4 Beautiful presentation a model pupil.
Achievement Awards 15.9.2017  5 Super attitude in class and kind to all.
Achievement Awards 15.9.2017  6 So kind and helpful an All Round Good Egg.
Achievement Awards 15.9.2017  7 A delight in class with super presentation.
Achievement Awards 15.9.2017  8 Brilliant behaviour and excellent listening
Achievement Awards 15.9.2017  9 Amazing maths work at the start of the year.
Achievement Awards 15.9.2017  10 Impeccable manners and a great attitude

Achievement Award 8.9.2017

Achievement Award 8.9.2017  1 Well done designing an amazing gargoyle
Achievement Award 8.9.2017  2 An "All Round Good Egg"(ARGE) who works hard.
Achievement Award 8.9.2017  3 Positive attitude and great start to year 4.
Achievement Award 8.9.2017  4 Super listening skills and wonderful behaviour.
Achievement Award 8.9.2017  5 Always helpful and ready to learn.
Achievement Award 8.9.2017  6 A great start to year 6 and a digital leader.
Achievement Award 8.9.2017  7 Has settled in school, brilliant dragon sewing
Achievement Award 8.9.2017  8 Always working and super listening.
Achievement Award 8.9.2017  9 Brilliant effort,attitude and focus.
Achievement Award 8.9.2017  10 A wonderful smiling start to y6.
Achievement Award 8.9.2017  11 Being helpful, honest and hard working.

Achievement Awards 30.6.17

Achievement Awards 30.6.17 1 Super addition and subtraction work in maths.
Achievement Awards 30.6.17 2 Much neater handwriting he is Y5 ready.
Achievement Awards 30.6.17 3 Amazing acting as a "goat"!! in the Y6 production
Achievement Awards 30.6.17 4 Voted a lovely friend by her class.
Achievement Awards 30.6.17 5 His class are proud he is making the right choices
Achievement Awards 30.6.17 6 ARGE always bright and cheerful
Achievement Awards 30.6.17 7 Sadly leaving PCJS . What a star.
Achievement Awards 30.6.17 8 Brilliant all day every day.
Achievement Awards 30.6.17 9 Amazing acting as a lumberjack.