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As part of our 'Mind full or Mindful' week, we had a session on relaxation methods, Pilates and created a healthy body bowl.

We have found out about countries across the world and how they are similar and different to us. We have learnt about inequalities around the world too. We read the book 'If the World Were a Village' and found out that if our class was a village, then 11 children would not breathe clean air and 6 children would not have safe drinking water. We had lots of fun with a Water Aid assembly, doing our own water carrying and also orienteering, to find out facts about different countries from around the world. The country which we focused on was Cambodia, and we created fact files about what we learnt and wrote persuasive letters to help support those in need in Cambodia.

Mokee Joe

Mokee Joe 1
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Mokee Joe 3
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Mokee Joe 5
Our class book this half term has been: 'Mokee Joe is Coming' by Peter J. Murray. After inferring what we could learn about the character through their actions, speech and description, we wrote the next page of chapter four ourselves.

Testing our new toy cars

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Year 5 have been involved in an exciting DT project to design, build and then evaluate a powered car. On Friday  this week they worked with Miss Hodgson, Mr Pearce, Mrs Lombaert, Mrs Watson and Mrs Esse and  to plan and build a running chassis. This involved measuring, cutting, sawing and hot  glue gunning, they then needed to wire a circuit with a powered motor to be attached to the cars drive shaft via an elastic band. The finished vehicle was then tested in the hall to see how fast it ran.
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Science 1
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Science 7
We have been learning about the properties of materials and changing materials.

We all designed and built Pokemon Go museums

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