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Performance poetry

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Winter Personification Poetry

Winter Personification Poetry 1
Winter Personification Poetry 2
Winter Personification Poetry 3
Winter Personification Poetry 4
Winter Personification Poetry 5
Winter Personification Poetry 6
Winter Personification Poetry 7

We have been learning about levers, gears and pulleys and designed and made our own Rube Goldberg invention, which incorporated all of these.



We have been learning about different types of sentences and sentence structure. Take a look at some of our work.
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As part of our Volcanoes and Earthquakes topic, we have made our own Modroc volcanoes and watched them erupt! We learnt about the parts of a volcano and irreversible changes.

Volcanoes erupt on PCJS playground!

We also wrote a description of a volcano erupting, practising using different types of sentences (simple, compound and complex).
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We learnt about plate tectonics, including the different type of plate boundaries and the hazards which may be found there, e.g. volcanoes, earthquakes or mountain ranges.

Oreo Plate Techtonics

Tom's Midnight Garden

Tom's Midnight Garden 1
Tom's Midnight Garden 2
Tom's Midnight Garden 3
Tom's Midnight Garden 4
We have been reading Tom's Midnight Garden, and using our range of sentence types and structures learnt, re-written the setting of the garden.