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The children have had a really positive start to this academic year! Thank you to all our parents, carers and governors for all their support!
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Cookery Cabin

Keep Cooking at Home

Toby's Easter tray bake!
Toby with his Easter nests!
Mrs Mintoft's iced buns!
Peter with his cheese scones!
Evie's ringed and iced doughnuts!
Harry with all his baking!
Jack weighing ingredients for shortbread!
Jack's shortbread!
Mrs Barr's malteaser marble cake!
Sophie's chocolate tiffin!
Sophie's Easter buns!
Sophie made the naans herself!
Wilson with his apple, cheese and walnut loaf!
Mrs Moisey Smith's unicorn cake!
Zach with his stilton scones!
Sophie's caramel shortbread!
Sophie feathering the chocolate!
Mrs Mintoft's treacle sponge!
Oliver with his lemon drizzle tray bake!
Oliver proudly showing his banana bread!
Peter mixing his ingredients for his buns!
Peter independently made and decorated buns!
Mrs Barr's simnel cake!
Mrs Esse's bread!
Ruby helping to make banoffee pie!
Sophie piping meringues!
Sophie showing her strawberry meringue nests!
Oliver making his scones!
Here are Oliver's lemon scones!
Sophie's fruit scones!
Miss White's pizza pinwheels!
Miss Turner's toblerone brownies!
Luke making his smoothie!
Sophie with her cornflake tart!
Mrs Mintoft's eton mess!
Mrs Watson's yorkshire puddings!
Lauren rubbing her fat and flour together!
Lauren busily grating cheese!
Lauren's cheese scones
Lauren's bread!
Mrs Mortimer's banana bread and almond loaf!
Mia following her biscuit recipe!
Mia finishing her biscuits off before baking them!
Miss Scott's lemon cake!
Mrs Harrison's sweet and sour chicken cooking!
Mrs Harrison's sweet and sour chicken with rice!
Peter wrote a out a baked egg custard recipe!
Here is Peter with the baked egg custard he made!
Edie wrote a scotch pancake recipe!
Here is Edie mixing together her pancake batter!
Edie enjoying her pancakes!
Mrs Pollard's chocolate cookies!
Mrs Winter's cheese and wild garlic scones!
Ruby cracking her eggs!
Ruby whisking her pancake batter!
Ruby enjoying her pancakes!
Mrs De Barr's Jamaica, Ginger Cake!
Mrs Mintoft's VE Day celebration cream tea!
Mrs Harrison's sticky, mongolian, shredded beef!
Sophie kneading the dough for her pizza!
Sophie adding the toppings to her pizza!
Sophie with her homemade pizza!
Sophie's cheese savoury souffles!
Mrs Harrison's pork and cucumber stir fry!
Zach made fish fingers for his cookery task!
Willow made this Oreo based cheesecake!
Sophie made creme brulees!
Sophie's white, chocolate ganache filled macarons!
Mrs Barr's cat cake for her daughter's birthday!
Wilson's chicken tikka masala and veggie curry!
Mrs Staniland's banana loaf!
Mrs Harrison's meringue nests with summer fruits!
Zara enjoyed learning and cooking with pulses!
Here is Zara with the hummus she made for her task
Sophie with the apple pie she made!
For her dad's birthday Sophie made a cheesecake!
Sophie successfully made bread!
Mrs Pollard's chocolate brownies!
Charlie made marbled, chocolate bark!
Mrs Pollard's white chocolate cheesecake!
Here are Harvey's chocolate and orange buns!
 Sophie's Eton Mess and she made the meringues too
Harvey making lemon buns independently!
For his cookery task Harvey used 2 types of icing!
For her cookery task Edie made yorkshire puddings!
Edie made scones with SR flour for Father's Day!
Sophie made viennese fingers for her cookery task!
Mia making salmon fish cakes for her cookery task!
Mia's tuna, sweetcorn and pasta and tuna sandwich!
Sophie baked  a colourful butterfly cake!
Sophie piped the butter icing for decoration!

Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

Cooking and Nutrition


During their time at Pickering Community Junior School children will learn about the seasonality of foods and how it is grown, reared, caught and processed. They will also research different products and understand which are the healthiest and why?

Children will also prepare and cook a variety of foods by following a recipe test they will then evaluate and modify the product or recipe where necessary. 

As part of our DT curriculum offering children get time to learn and develop their cookery skills under the watchful eyes of Mrs Barr a key part of this work is learning  about the principles of a healthy diet.


Mrs Barr continues to lead on our cookery work planning the recipes and working with parent volunteers. The Cookery Cabin is being well used throughout the year with all children benefiting from cookery lessons. In our most recent ‘pupil voice’ survey the Cookery Cabin was overwhelmingly the most popular learning space in school!  Mrs Barr has worked really hard to ensure that cookery skills are progressive, health and safety requirements have been met and children enjoy the sessions.


The pictures below show a range of year groups making some tasty recipes including: healthy pizzas, fruit smoothies and cupcakes.



Year 3 Practising their weighing skills
Year 3 Practising Their measuring skills
Year 3 making fruit smoothies
Year 5 making pizzas
Year 6 making vanilla cupcakes
Year 5 Making fruit cookies
Year 4 Making baked apples
Year 5 making vegetable Sticks with a yoghurt dip
Year 4 making apple crumble
Year 6 making leek and potato soup
Year 5 making scones
Year 6 making bread buns
Year 3 making fresh fruit salad
Year 4 rock cakes
In cookery we always help with the washing up
Recipes used in the Cookery Cabin