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Name Date Appointed Term of Office(Years) Date Stepped Down Appointed by Category Attendance Record(previous academic year 2018 - 2019) Committees Chair/Vice Business & Pecuniary Interests Governance Roles in any other school Relationships between governor and members of the school staff
Mrs Michaela De Barr 01.01.18     Full Governing Body Headteacher 11/11     None None Headteacher
Mr Eddie Head 21.02.19 4   Full Governing Body Associate Member 2/4 Finance, Premises and Personnel   None None None
Mrs Deborah Plowright 06/09/18 4


Full Governing Body Co-opted 4/7

Teaching & Learning,

Headteacher Performance Management,

Staff Discipline.

Chair of Teaching & Learning committee None None None
Mr Paul McCay 10/11/15 4 25/06/19 Full Governing Body Co-opted 7/7


  None None None
Mrs Heather Yeabsley 14/07/15 4   Full Governing Body Co-opted 8/8

Teaching & Learning, SEN Governor,

Headteacher Performance Management,


Pupil Discipline.

Chair to full governing body from 06/09/18

None None None
Mr Nick Wilkinson 10/7/18 4   Full Governing Body Co-opted 2/7

Finance, Premises and Personnel, Staff Discipline,

Pupil Discipline,

School Complaints.

  Director of Television House, electrical store  None None
Mr Nick Barnes 21/02/19 4   Full GB Co-opted 2/2     Works at Langleys (law firm) None Married to member of PCJS staff
Mr Mark Dunsmore 21/02/19 4   Full GB Co-opted 2/2     Director of Goliath Sourcing Academy Ltd, MJD Online Ltd and Bramar Capital Ltd None None
Miss Laura White 10/04/17 2 09/04/19 Staff election Staff 3/3     None None Staff Member
Mrs Rachel Devine 10/04/19 2   Staff election Staff 1/1         Staff member
Ms Helen McAnulty-Rickard 17/07/17 4   Parent election Parent 6/8

Teaching & Learning,


School complaints

Vice Chair to full governing body None None None
Mrs Nicki Fee 05/12/17 4   Parent election Parent 5/7

Teaching & Learning,

Headteacher Performance Management,

Staff Discipline,

Pupil Discipline,

School Complaints Panel

  None None None
Mrs Catherine Lockwood 25/09/18 4   Full Governing Body Local Authority Governor 2/5 FPP   None Governor at Pickering Infant and Nursery school None
Mrs Sallie Harland 15/10/18 4   Parent election Parent 5/5 FPP   None None None


Welcome to the Governors' section

Governors are supported by the Local Authority (LA) which provides a wide range of support services, information and materials. The LA works to ensure that the crucial role that governors play in the life of North Yorkshire schools is recognised and understood.


Please find above details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.
We have also provided a Register of Governor Interests and an Annual Statement of Issues for your information.

Interested in becoming a governor?
Schools are fascinating places and being a governor can be very enjoyable and worthwhile. Governors come from all sections of the community: parents, staff at the school, businesses and local community representatives - in fact almost anyone. There is always a need for enthusiastic and committed people to serve as governors. Please check out the links below for more information.

Instrument of Government