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Wishing all our children, parents, carers, staff and governors a restful Summer break. We look forward to welcoming our pupils back on Tuesday 3rd September 2019!
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Who's Who

Picture 1 Mrs M De Barr - Headteacher
Picture 2 Mr P Wilson - Deputy Headteacher
Picture 3 Mrs R Sealy - SENDCo
Picture 4 Miss R Hodgson - Maths Subject Lead & Y5 Teacher
Picture 5 Mrs S Mintoft - English Subject Lead & Y6 Teacher
Picture 6 Mrs A Morris - Y5 Teacher
Picture 7 Miss C Bestwick-Rolph - Y3 Teacher
Picture 8 Miss J Holmes - Y6 Teacher
Picture 9 Miss L Turner - Y6 Teacher
Picture 10 Miss L White - Y4 Teacher
Picture 11 Mrs R Devine - Y4 Teacher
Picture 12 Mrs M Johnson - Teaching Assistant
Picture 13 Mrs C Cousins - Teaching Assistant
Picture 14 Mrs C Stevens - Teaching Assistant
Picture 15 Mrs H Winter - Teaching Assistant
Picture 16 Mrs J Esse - Teaching Assistant
Picture 17 Mrs J Harrison - Teaching Assistant
Picture 18 Mrs L Barr - Teaching Assistant
Picture 19 Mrs M Taylor - Teaching Assistant
Picture 20 Ms R Broadbent - Teaching Assistant
Picture 21 Mr M Knowles - Teaching Assistant
Picture 22 Mrs C Overfield - Teaching Assistant
Picture 23 Mrs A Hawtin - Teaching Assistant
Picture 24 Mrs R Staniland - Arts Enrichment Coordinator
Picture 25 Mrs L Moisey-Smith - Sports Enrichment Coordinator
Picture 26 Miss K Watson - Teaching Assistant
Picture 27 Mrs L Watson - Admin Assistant
Picture 28 Mrs N Pollard - Admin Assistant
Picture 29 Miss H Pape
Picture 30 Mrs J Jackson - MSA
Picture 31 Mrs M Long
Picture 32 Mrs C Brown
Picture 33 Mrs C Mulderrig
Picture 34 Mrs S Myers
Picture 35 Ms J Belt
Picture 36 Mr P Foote
Meet The Team


Headteacher: Mrs M De Barr

Deputy Headteacher: Mr P Wilson

SENDCo: Mrs R Sealy

Our Year 3 Team

Year 3: Mrs Bestwick-Rolph  
Year 3: Miss Scott

Year 3: Mrs Stevens (Teaching Assistant)

Year 3: Mrs Barr (Teaching Assistant)

Year 3: Mrs Staniland (SEN Teaching Assistant)

Year 3: Mrs Warrington (SEN Teaching Assistant)


Our Year 4 Team

Year 4: Miss White

Year 4: Mrs Devine

Year 4: Mr Wilson

Year 4: Mrs Broadbent (Teaching Assistant)

Year 4: Mrs Winter (Teaching Assistant)

Year 4: Miss K Watson (SEN Teaching Assistant)

Year 4: Mrs M Johnson (SEN Teaching Assistant)

Our Year 5 Team

Year 5: Miss Hodgson (SLT)
Year 5: Miss Grayson

Year 5: Mrs Taylor (Teaching Assistant)

Year 5: Mrs Esse (Teaching Assistant)

Year 5: Mr Knowles (SEN Teaching Assistant)


Our Year 6 Team

Year 6: Mrs Mintoft (SLT)
Year 6: Miss Holmes.
Year 6: Miss Turner

Year 6: Mrs Harrison (Teaching Assistant)

Year 6: Mrs Cousins (Teaching Assistant)

Year 6: Mrs Overfield (SEN Teaching Assistant)



Mrs A Hawtin

HLTAs: Mrs Harrison, Mrs Broadbent, Mrs Moisey-Smith (PE Enrichment), Mrs Staniland (Arts Enrichment) and Mrs Barr


ICT Instructor: Mrs Gow 

School Business Manager: Mrs Mortimer

Admin Assistants: Mrs Pollard and Mrs Watson

Caretaker:   Mr Foote

Cleaners:   Miss Hough, Mrs Stonehouse, Mrs Stephenson


School Meals: Cook in Charge, Mrs Mulderrig
Kitchen Assistants: Mrs Myers, Mrs Gresswell, Miss Belt


Midday Supervisory Assistants:
Mrs Brown, Mrs Dorrington, Mrs Moisey-Smith, Mrs Jackson, Mrs Long, Miss Pape and Mrs Warrington


Breakfast Club:

Mrs Moisey-Smith and Mrs Johnson