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The children have had a really positive start to this academic year! Thank you to all our parents, carers and governors for all their support!
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Achievement Awards

Achievement Awards 13.03.20

Wonderful suspense writing and giving 100%
Could have had it every week.  Impeccably behaved.
A joy to have in class. ARGE contender
Game-changing 500 words writing. Wonderful.
Ultra proud of his writing this week!

Achievement Awards

Full marks on 3 x table!
Brilliant few weeks - well done! Trying hard.
Gone above and beyond with eveything!
Listening to instructions and amazing writing.
Good quality handwriting and impoved style!
Trying really hard in class!

Achievement Awards 28/02/2020

Writing amazing complex sentences independently!
Impressive answers in class and giving 100%
Really impressive effort and trying hard.
Could have this every week! ICT wizz kid and star!
Always happy and smiling - helpful and kind.
Conscientious and brilliant! She's a star learner!
Fractions expert - trying harder than ever!
Producing more work, improved wrtiing and maths!

Half Term Achievement Awards - February 2020

Achievement Awards 7.2.2020

Learning tables and has found fractions easier.
Lots of spelling and reading at home.
Excellent in every way!
Maths work is superb! He's trying really hard!
Perfect in every way, working hard on fractions!
Brilliant writing with accurate spelling!
Thrilled by his increased effort and revision!
Super improved attitude, working hard!
Caring, kind role model, working hard in maths!

Achievement Awards 31.01.2020

Ray of hard working, energetic sunshine!
Perfect role model in and out of class.
What a wonderful additional chapter!
What a wonderful piece of writing this week!
Impressive writing about the digestive system.
Perfect behaviour and times tables wizz!
Bravery in her learning and swimming!
Reading at home and learning times tables!

Achievement Awards 24.01.2020

100% effort and an amazing additional chapter
Determination and trying hard
100% super.Trying hard with fractions & sentences
Voted the kindest in her class by her class
Huge effort in his work and his manners.
What a great smiling friend you are!
Superstar with Superlogo and always happy.
Brilliant and gets on well.  Good electricity work

Achievement Awards 17.01.2020

Perfect every day, helpful and brilliant
Matured into the new year and in her work too.
Great suggestions and ideas and made amazing model
What an amazing piece of writing you've produced!
A brilliant character change tries 100% always.
What an amazing job done at school this week!
A delightful girl standing out in numeracy lessons
Smiles everyday, maths reasoning is awesome!

Achievement Awards 10.01.2020

Not giving in when it comes to maths.
Hardworking, polite and a great friend.
Amazing attitude, great to have in class.
Energetic and hard working on comprehension.
New found confidence, getting on, pushing himself.
Made Mr Donald feel welcome and she is a star!

Half Term Achievement Awards - December 2019

Achievement Awards 13.12.20

For working so hard in class!
For being a great friend to others!
For always working hard!
For always trying her best!
For always working diligently!
For always trying so hard!

Achievement Awards 29.11.19

For spotting and correcting her own mistakes!
For trying hard all of the time!
For putting in superb levels of effort!
For always putting others first!
For super work in maths!
For being helpful and hard-working!
For always being ready to learn!
For always being sensible!
For putting in 100% effort!

Achievement Awards 22.11.19

For having an amazing week!
For increasing in confidence!
For always being brilliant!
For demonstrating a fantastic attitude to learning
For putting in loads of effort with homework!
For great improvement in times tables!
For being really sensible and always smiling!
For being a great role model to others!

Achievement Awards 15.11.19

For setting a great example to others!
for growing in confidence!
For superb effort with her reading!
For careful and precise work in art!
For being super positive and helpful!
 For showing great determination with his work!
For putting in 100% effort all the time!
For super work during guided reading sessions!
For trying really hard with use of punctuation!

Achievement Awards 8.11.19

For being a great role model and giving 100%
For super effort with his reading!
For superb effort and enthusiasm!
For her developing confidence!
For always listening carefully!
For her developing confidence and enthusiasm!
For superb effort with homework!

Half Term Achievement Awards - October 2019

Achievement Awards 18.10.19

For always having a smile on her face!
For trying hard to use different sentence types!
For being a fantastic member of the class!
For producing some fantastic writing!
For making a fantastic start to Year 3!
For trying hard to challenge herself!
For super effort in dance lessons!
For being a fantastic friend!

Achievement Awards 11.10.19

For super effort in maths and writing!
For being a brilliant friend!
For super concentration when doing addition!
For being very helpful and caring!
For great improvement in his cycling!
For being great at Kodu and a really good friend!
For completing super maths work at home!
For super effort and excellent listening!

Achievement Awards 4.10.19

for fantastic progress in swimming!
for fantastic language choice when writing!
for putting in 100% effort!
for following instructions so brilliantly!
for being super-reliable!
for showing a growth in confidence!

Achievement Awards 27.9.19

for always getting on and giving 100%!
for being a great role model!
for always being so kind and friendly!
for making Miss Turner smile every day!
for putting in 100% effort, especially in science!
for fantastic writing!
for explaining his working brilliantly in maths!
for being really kind and helpful!

Achievement Awards 20.9.19

For producing some very impressive writing!
For always giving 100%!
For super independent work!
For giving 100%, especially in maths!
For putting in 100% effort!
For super effort with his reading!

Achievement Awards 13.9.19

For having a really positive start to the year!
For always smiling and being a good role model!
For concentrating hard and producing good writing!
For always reading lots at home!
For excellent work in maths!
For exceeding Year 5 expectations!
For making an excellent start to Year 6!
For being so caring and considerate to others!
For always listening and working diligently!

Achievement Awards 6.9.19

For settling to her work really well!
For being kind, friendly and hard-working!
For brilliant work in every task, especially art!
For showing great levels of resilience in maths!
For super independent work in maths and writing!
For settling in so brilliantly!
For superb presentation of his work!
For being friendly and supportive of her friends!
For always smiling and giving everything a go!

Half Term Achievement Awards - May 2019

Achievement Awards - 10.5.19

For working consistently hard in lessons!
For super writing!
For great sentence work in English!
For working really hard with her reading!
For trying her best in everything!
For increased confidence in maths!
For great concentration and improved writing!
For improved handwriting and concentration!
For working really hard towards his SATS!

Achievement Awards 3.5.19

For trying really hard in his mocks!
For working hard and putting in lots of effort!
For always working hard, especially in drama!
For trying really hard with her poster!
For putting 100% effort into everything she does!
For working hard during his mocks!
For listening carefully and working hard!
For trying really hard with his homework!

Half Term Achievement Awards - April 2019

Achievement Awards - 5.4.19

for putting in 100%, especially with her reading!
for improving her listening skills!
for putting in loads of effort at home and school!
for always trying his best!
for trying really hard in every lesson!
for putting 100% effort into everything!
for working really hard!
for trying really hard in their PE lessons!
for all round fantastic work!

Achievement Awards 29.3.19

for brilliant descriptive writing!
for working extremely hard during lessons!
for putting a lot of effort into his work!
for having a positive attitude!
for writing a super suspense story!
for putting 100% effort into everything!
for improved handwriting!
for working hard at school and at home!
for putting in a great effort during test week!

Achievement Awards 22.3.19

for improving in writing and maths!
for being amazing at spelling!
for listening carefully and helping others!
for thinking carefully about her use of language!
for growing in independence!
for trying really hard, especially in Literacy!
for showing great determination!
for always putting in 100%!
for amazing writing and a positive outlook!

Achievement Awards - 15.3.19

for putting lots of effort in with her homework!
for always trying his best!
for improved behaviour!
for having lovely manners!
for giving 100% in Breakfast Boosters!
for working super hard!
for having a brilliant attitude!
for concentrating really well!

Achievement Awards - 8.3.19

for answering some tricky questions!
for working really hard, especially in English!
for helping people in her class!
for increased confidence in maths!
for working really hard and checking his work!
for trying really hard!
for fantastic reading and for giving 100%!
for working really hard in maths!

Half Term Achievement Awards - February 2019

Achievement Awards - 15.2.19

For improving his focus and memory!
For increased confidence, particularly in maths!
For working really hard in PE!
For a massive improvement in her maths!
For always trying her best!
For increasing his ability to work independently!
For always trying her best!

Achievement Awards 8.2.19

For putting 100% into everything she does!
For super fraction work!
For showing a great attitude!
For outstanding work in maths!
For excellent fraction work!
For being a great friend to others!
For super effort with his writing!
For always trying his very best!
For trying really hard, especially in his writing!

Achievement Awards 1.2.19

For trying hard in everything he does
For doing everything that is asked of him
For trying really hard with her art work
For trying really hard with her spelling
For putting 100% effort into everything she does
For working hard at home and school
For being a fractions superstar
For superb presentation

Achievement Awards - 25.1.19

for always giving 100%!
for trying really hard with his writing!
for super persuasive writing!
for trying hard and for being a great friend!
for working hard in maths!
for working hard at school and home!
for putting 100% effort into everything she does!
for working hard and listening carefully!
for working really hard in class!

Achievement Awards 18.1.19

For doing really well in maths!
For always being a fantastic role model to others!
For being really responsible!
For producing fabulous writing!
For giving 100%!
For doing really well in swimming and reading!
For producing a fantastic amount of writing!
For producing great work!
For showing great determination!

Achievement Awards 11.1.19

for super behaviour and trying really hard!
fantastic reading comprehension!
for trying hard in cricket and doing extra work!
for being incredibly helpful and mature!
for trying really hard in maths!
for beautiful handwriting and a good attitude!
for being hard-working, polite and enthusiastic!
for trying really hard in all lessons!

Half Term Achievement Awards - December 2018

Achievement Awards 7.12.2018

Works incredibly hard especially in his tests.
Maths superstar, excellent timetables knowledge.
Enthusiastic and hardworking in the Y3 play.
All round superstar with an amazing smile.
Brilliant attitude to work and kind to all.
100% effort in his recent tests.
Working really hard 100% effort is all she does.
Always puts 100% effort in to everything she does.

Achievement Awards 30.11.18

A great friend to many who works hard in class
Always produces high quality work
Learning her lines for the play
Improved behaviour and attitude
Working really hard especially in maths
Fantastic work in class about the digestive system
Gives 100% to everything he does
Super friend to many always has a smile
He helps others with their lines in the play.

Achievement Awards 23.11.2018

Always tries his best and perseveres
Always ready to learn and very polite
Excellent listening skills and ARGE
Polite and hard working
Shows determination even when challenged
Accurate speech punctuation and gives 100%
Kind, caring helpful - a star
Always gives 100% up skilling her work.

Achievement Awards 16.11.19

Kind,thoughtful and a hard worker
Always gives her best
ARGE and producing a fabulous piece of artwork
Always gives 100% in all that she does.
Super maths work on a number line
Continues to challenge herself in maths.
All round improvement
Contributing more in class
On task all day and super polite
Well done to our children in need fundraisers
Sponsored walk and bun sales over £500 raised

Achievement Awards 9.11.2018

Always gives 100% to all of her work.
Improving confidence in maths
A kind and caring child with growing resiliance
Fantastic artistic skills linked to a winter pic.
Impressing the supply teacher with her maths
Fabulous writing skills
Much improved attitude and works hard
Brilliant writing work and improved attitude
Excellent writing about our trip to Danby

Achievement Awards 19.10.2018

Great work during guided reading
Growing confidence and indepencence
Outstanding effort across the curriculum
Amazing attitude and a good friend to all
Persevering in his writing and a scooter expert
Improved attitude and a great friend to many
Positive attitude in all areas ARGE
100% effort in all she does

Achievement Awards 12.10.2018

Amazing listener much more focused
Superstar always tries her hardest
Becoming much more independent
Mature and helpful, kind and caring - ARGE
Improved handwriting
All round good egg
Well done you two.
Always gives 100% growing confidence
incredible start to the year - ARGE
Working really hard in maths

Achievement Awards 5.10.18

Super presentation and a great role model!
Mature attitude and excellent work produced!
Great effort with home learning!
Super problem-solving skills!
Incredible maths!
Fantastic descriptive writing!
Gives 100% in all that she does!
Brilliant art work!
Fab speaking at our Harvest Festival!

Achievement Awards 28.9.2018

Fantastic role model always gives 110%
Amazing work at home and at school with spellings
110% effort in everything she does.
Gives 100% effort in all her work
ARGE - super effort across all areas of school
ARGE - a brilliant role model and friend to many
Always tries to do her best
Works really hard especially in maths
A kind and caring member of the class

Achievement Awards 21.9.2018

Kind and friendly member of the class
Working well together in maths.
Wonderful range of reading and super vocab.
Always gives 100%
Great problem solving in maths.
Mathematical genius
Kind caring and supportive
Always trying his best (ARGE)
Long multiplication super star.

Achievement Award 14.9.2018

ARGE - a model pupil in every way possible.
Super listening skills and always tries hard.
A real friend to many children in school.
Really hard working at school and home.
A polite well mannered hard working child.
ARGE - can always be relied upon to do her best.
Fantastic attitude to her work in school and home.
Shining example to all children in the class.
A fantastic role model around school.

Achievement Awards - 7.9.18

For being a kind friend
For excellent  reading comprehension skills
Being a Y6 role model
Always listens in class and works hard
A real super star
Kind and helpful in class

Achievement Awards

High expectations always gives 100%
Both boys represented the school well on the trip
ARGE -very helpful, kind and polite
ARGE - a fantastic student always helpful.
Amazing work in his maths, great problem solving
Always notices people who are upset and helps them
Really helpful and kind - super behaviour
Impressive progress and improved behaviour
Miss Bestwick's  whole class for great work

Achievement Awards 15.6.2018

A ray of sunshine - amazing acting skills
A good friend - trying hard in her times tables
Neat handwriting and growing confidence
Improved behaviour and hard working
Always works hard - kind and friendly
ARGE - Always quiet and hardworking
Enthusiastic and great work in PE
Settled in to her new class.
Amazing acting skills in the Y6 play rehearsals
Determined to add drama to his play character

Achievement Awards 8.6.2018

Overcoming her fears whilst in London
ARGE great work 100% effort
100% some great work recently
ARGE paying lots of attention
Great acting as part of Y6 play
Super work in PE
Super maths work and writing
A super friend and great acting.
Confident and 100% effort
Growing confidence 100% effort

Half Term Achievement Awards - 25.5.18