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Friends of the school

Friends of the School


Who are we?


We are a voluntary group made up of parents,
carers and anyone involved in the school


What do we do?


We organise fundraising events at school.


Why do we raise funds?


We raise funds in order to provide a variety of fun and enriching experiences throughout a child's time at school.


Where does the funding go?


 We provide a pot for each year group based on £15 per pupil. We also respond to specific funding requests from school such as the creation of the Outside Reading area and supplying new equipment for school clubs.

The List below is not exhaustive and new ideas are discussed at meetings:


Leaver’s Books

Playground Equipment

Annual Pantomime Trip Year 5

Leaver’s Disco

History Days

Sponsored Walk
Supporting school club's initiatives


Can I join the group?


Yes, if you can commit to attend some meetings and make a positive contribution or just help out at events then you will be most welcome. If you wish to e-mail for more details or to offer support contact Debbie on



Can I just throw a suggestion in?


Yes, just speak to one of us and either come to the next meeting or give us details of your thoughts.


Committee Meetings


We try to meet once in every half term.

Dates will be communicated via the school website.