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Our school values - Tolerance, Ownership, Community, Aspiration, Resilience and Empathy
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Science Week

We had a great time during Science week, learning all about static Electricity. Our favourite part was using the Van de Graaff to achieve some pretty snazzy hair styles!


In Music, the children are currently learning to play 'I feel good' by James Brown. Please find the backing track below for the children practise along to at home. We look forward to hearing the final version.

Times Table Rockstar Day - Monday 16th January

Taotie Moulds

A taotie is a creature in Chinese mythology. Its name translate to 'legendary voracious beast' because of its huge appetite. Its likeness was often used to decorate bronze goods in ancient China. As part of our Dynamic Dynasties theme, we researched, designed and made our very own Taotie pieces using a clay casting technique.


Music with Mr Alder

Home Learning

Beast Quest Character Descriptions

As part of our exploration of Beast Quest - Ferno the Fire Dragon in our whole class reading sessions, we have been looking at fantasy stories in Literacy. We have written some fantastic character descriptions for our very own beasts with lots of incredible vocabulary and similes.

Here are our watercolour paintings inspired by the colours used in Chinese paintings. We are rather pleased with how they have turned out!

Book reveal! We are very excited to receive a new, special book into class but can you guess what the book is? Each day there will be another clue and more of the book revealed.

We had a fab problem-solving lesson today, finding all possibilities. It was great to see the children work collaboratively, sharing their ideas and explaining their working concisely. It was interesting to see the range of strategies used to solve the problem and how their work became more efficient as the lesson progressed.

As part of our Shang Dynasty theme, the children used research to answer the question 'Why were the people in the Shang Dynasty such successful warriors?' Here are a few pictures of their resulting work.

Parent Visit - We were very appreciative to be able to welcome Mrs Ferguson into class who spoke to the children about her job as a dentist. The children had recently been learning about the different types of teeth, so Mrs Ferguson was able to answer any questions the children had, advise them on oral hygiene and let them explore various models of teeth. Thank you for coming!

Digestive System Models - a very hands on science lesson with a memorable ending!

We love reading! The children are really enjoying recommending books for each other to read by writing amazing reviews as one of our homework tasks. These are then displayed in our book corner alongside a copy of the book. We look forward to receiving our new Bear Grylls adventure books which already have a waiting list of eager readers, thanks for the recommendation C :)

Each Wednesday we welcome Mr Alder into class as part of our Wider Opportunities in Music (WOPs). Each child has been given an instrument to use for the year, we receive a weekly lesson as a whole class and will be performing later in the year.